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June 27 2016


Understanding the Various Cloud Computing Applications

A business or an individual doesn't have to hire an IT consultant to hear about cloud services or cloud computing. The fact is that the cloud is a popular technical term that is bantered about in virtually any computer application whether it's for personal or business computing. However, one thing that quality IT consulting will help a person do is to understand cloud computing and to find the right cloud applications for a particular need.

Allen Baler

The simple fact is that people often want to know, what is cloud computing. In its most simplest form, cloud computing is storing or accessing various types of data on the Internet rather than storing that information in a local capacity. For example, when a person installs a program on their computer or stores documents, photographs, videos and audio files on their hard drive, this is known as local computing or local storage. Storing programs or files on a cloud means that the information is accessed through servers used for the Internet rather than a computer hard drive or network server.

There are many different applications for cloud computing. One of the best examples of this is Microsoft Online. This offers a host of practical programs used by individuals and businesses such as Excel, PowerPoint and Word. The difference between this and conventional Microsoft software is that these programs are accessed through a cloud rather than being downloaded onto an individual or business is computer. In fact, the cloud is the only place to get the latest version of these programs today.

For businesses, cloud computing can include using premade or proprietary applications and accessing these applications from the Internet. Rather than having the programs downloaded on a centralized network server, or on individual employee computers, access to these programs is company wide through a cloud service.

For individuals, the benefits are fairly easy to see and discover. However, there are many different cloud applications for businesses, and businesses can learn a great deal about their options with the help of IT professionals. If you want to streamline the way computer programs are accessed from a company wide standpoint, or your business is simply looking to streamline its computing operations, cloud services may be exactly what you're looking for. 

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